1.     dear friends,

        it’s time for me to retire this tumblr. it has been enormously
        helpful and therapeutic for me over the years. it was also my main
        motivator when i first started making comics. but that was nearly
        four years ago. a lot has changed since then. there is a lot of
        anger and sadness on this tumblr and that’s not who i am anymore.

        (having) this blog has brought me many different types of joy at
        different times. but just because you’ve been doing a thing isn’t
        a reason to continue doing that same thing. idk i am trying to be
        happy and it takes a lot of work and sometimes difficult decisions
        but overall it is better than being not happy.

        and i don’t want to presume to know anyone else’s situation or
        what they should/shouldn’t do for themselves, but if you are
        feeling unhappy i am at least 70% sure that you can feel better
        than how you currently do. or at least that how you feel now
        isn’t how you will always feel (even if it currently doesn’t
        feel that way).

        i want to sincerely thank everyone who has ever liked or reblogged
        or commented on my stuff! i would like to thank everyone who has
        ever given me praise and/or motivated me to continue to make
        comics. i am truly glad that there are people who like the things
        that i make. the thing is now it’s time for me to make different
        things :)






  6. Anonymous said: if it's not love then it's the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb the bomb that will bring us together

    nature is a language, marry me



  8. beach moon/peach moon - firefly stars



  10. Anonymous said: As far as your comics go, which one is your personal favorite thus far?

    this one:


    if i made an artist’s statement it would include something about the unexpected pockets of tenderness within the folds of an absurd, indifferent universe. of all the comics i’ve made so far this is the closest to the embodiment of that idea.



  12. cap’n jazz - theme to 90210


  13. how are you feeling? it doesn’t matter. you should probably draw a lot of smiley faces on a piece of whatever because you will feel better than how you did before.

    look at all the smilies! thinks of all the types of smiles you’ve made but also that exist and i hope this thought makes you smile. are you trying to decide which smile is your favorite? shhhh, here is the answer: do favorites actually matter even? dont they all have their unique qualities and each and every one of them can make you smile for different reasons?

    i hope this exercise makes you smile because its important to be able to make yourself smile and also remember how other people can help you smile so do what you can to help other people smile :)